What To Look Into When Choosing Pen Testing Companies To Hire


Many people are not aware of the importance of top pentesting companies. Pen testing can be defined as a method for systematically evaluating the security of an information system by simulating an attack on it and examining its responses. This helps organisations better understand how to protect themselves against real-world attacks.

Pen testing companies will use techniques like social engineering or network sniffing to try and break into your systems while you watch them do it. Afterwards, they’ll show you what happened and help you tighten up your security so that this doesn’t happen again. You’ll also get access to their report with recommendations on how to improve your company’s defences based on what was observed during the test.

To help you, listed below are several things you should know to ensure the company you’ll hire is the most suitable.


The first thing a potential customer should check for when hiring a pentesting firm is certifications since they might provide a convenient shortcut for establishing trust. There are many different kinds of professional certificates available throughout the world. Still, in the United Kingdom, there are some of the most well-known ones. These certifications demonstrate that the testing firms have certain requirements that must be met to become a certified member.


People frequently inquire about the going rate for a penetration test. Unfortunately, because IT systems vary in size and complexity, this is comparable to asking how long a piece of string is. It depends on what you’re dealing with and how much depth you need to go into. If you think of it as painting a bridge, it all boils down to the size of the bridge and how many coats you need to put on. This is one reason the top pentesting companies can charge different prices for different services. Rates vary according to the tester’s reputation, certifications, and other criteria that pertain to their experience, but discounts may be negotiated if you’re purchasing a large number of days (anything more than fifteen days would be considered a significant test).

Secured data

Top pentesting companies have access to a wealth of sensitive information. Make sure your chosen provider can show you that they are committed to data security. Is the data on your penetration testing project deleted once it is completed? What is the company’s policy for hiring penetration testers? It’s important to ask about data handling and protection procedures in particular. Is the firm’s reputation for security and accreditation good? Penetration testers are competent in gaining access to your sensitive data. However, they must also show that they will handle and store this data safely - before, during, and after the test is completed.

Clarify their process

It’s critical to understand exactly how the penetration test will be carried out to know how your company may be affected and ensure that the provider uses industry-accepted penetration testing techniques. The procedures they will follow, the tools they will employ, and how exploits will be evaluated are all things to consider. Furthermore, the size of the team is crucial to ensure that your demands can be reasonably met. Also, consider whether the provider may develop with your business’s needs, especially if you’re searching for a long-term security services partner.

Proven track record

Don’t forget that one of the most crucial ways to assess the quality of service is through word-of-mouth. The supplier should be able to provide positive client testimonials from organisations that are comparable to yours. Don’t accept businesses with low prices which can’t prove they can do the job properly. This might result in you not receiving a security audit instead of getting a malicious hacker who will exploit your vulnerabilities for their gain.

Wide industry knowledge

It’s critical to figure out whether your potential penetration testing companies UK wide has prior industry knowledge. While they may be used to performing pen testing if they have never worked in your field before, they may not be aware of any unique problems you face. They may be unfamiliar with the sorts of software and programs commonly employed in your sector. This affects their capacity to provide the appropriate level of testing.


Competent penetration testing companies UK wide should be adaptable. Is the provider able to do testing outside of regular business hours, and if so, can they provide on-site and remote tests? Your company’s needs and demands must come first, not the convenience of the other party. Choose professionals willing to work with you to tailor the scope and nature of their testing to your specific needs.

Managed risk

As well as security, it is important to understand the financial value that penetration testing will add to your business. Different types of assessments will attract different pricing models. Some pen testing companies will offer a fixed price for assessment and remediation activities, while others charge hourly rates. Others choose a method in between: A risk-based model might charge a flat fee for the assessment and then work on an hourly rate until all issues have been resolved.

The best way to find reputable pen testing companies is by vetting their reputation and asking the right questions. You must know what your business needs are for them to provide the appropriate level of service. This may include different types of tests depending on your industry or type of organisation. The most successful companies have proven track records through word-of-mouth testimonials from other comparable businesses.


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